The OVERCOME toolkit is designed to help unemployed adults and jobseekers to improve their employability skills, enhance their well-being and improve their psychological capacity to overcome the obstacles of obtaining or retaining a job. The toolkit offers useful information, practical strategies, and resources for creating positive change. It includes: practical tips, summaries of key concepts, checklists for self-assessment and reflection, employability guides and support, as well as material addressing the psychological capital of unemployed adults.

Download it here.

The OVERCOME Curriculum includes a module dedicated to employability skills and four modules deriving from Positive Psychology’s key principles (Hope and Optimism, Efficacy and Strengths, Resilience, Meaning and Calling). The material comprises one to one exercises and individual activities. The contents of the course is: Module 1 – Employability skills, Module 2 – Hope and Optimism, Module 3 – Resilience, Module 4 – Character Strengths and Efficacy, Module 5 – Meaning.


The newly developed OVERCOME training course will be available to jobseekers and those seeking new employment opportunities in 2022. The training will support individuals to develop new skills and self-management techniques and also  help them overcome the difficulties in finding and retaining a job.


The OVERCOME eLearning space serves as a one-stop shop providing instant access to the full suite of game-based digital learning resources, such as online modules, toolkit, training material, podcasts, and other OERs. Blended learning modules and OERs will support the delivery of the training material and the toolkit, and the workshops for adult education providers and other relevant stakeholders.